Lowell Library. It's about time.

Lowell Library. It’s about time.

A Library for the Future

Every day, students flock to the Lowell library. It’s a refuge in which students can study for a test, get a jump on their homework, prepare for a project, print out a paper, or hang out quietly with friends. Today, demand for the Lowell Library far exceeds capacity. It’s not just about space. A library designed for the last century no longer matches the learning styles of our students.

A space that serves so many students in such diverse ways needs to work harder and be smarter. Today, our students are more collaborative, adaptable, and tech savvy than they’ve ever been before. We think their library should be, too.


Since the library was founded in 1962, technology has transformed the way we communicate, learn, work, play and live. Today’s students want opportunities to sit together, to share ideas, to put their heads together and create new worlds.

The Lowell Library renovation will facilitate collaborative work sessions with small, private conference rooms; more group brainstorming and writing surfaces; spaces adapted to working individually or in pairs or groups; a large area devoted to collaborative spaces that can be easily reconfigured to accommodate changing numbers of participants.

The new library will continue to respect the need for private conversation and deep, quiet thought, with sound-dampening chairs surrounding beautiful new study carrels that support individual study. A Café Counter against a wall will provide a place for students on work on essay and term papers. But the new furnishings will give students more options.

Their future is collaborative.

Dynamic & Adaptive

Lowell’s library renovation puts flexibility at the forefront of design. Noise-dampening chairs that can be used singly or joined together in pairs; chairs and tables that can pivot and nest, making space for larger presentations; writing spaces, including mobile glass boards, to encourage conversation and brainstorming sessions, that can also be used to subdivide large spaces into smaller, more personal spaces; scooches and hi-tops that can transform a quiet lounge into a small amphitheatre: contemporary and adaptive design elements can enable students’ most-used space to do so much more.

Tech Savvy

Today’s students are digital natives. They’re fluid in all media. They need more power to plug in. They need more options for creativity in motion.

The Lowell Library renovation will offer staff and students: a bank of outlets to power laptops and devices; glass whiteboards to open up new surfaces for creativity; sound-dampening chairs to give students quiet refuge inside busy spaces; a sound-reinforced multi-purpose room suitable for high-quality podcast production; a state-of-the-art projector for larger, more powerful multimedia presentations.

All-new furnishings & renovated spaces inaugurate the Library of the Future.

Our renovations are user-driven, guaranteeing students and librarians the innovations they need.

Our students work hard. Our library should, too.

A Legacy for Generations to Come

Lowell is our inheritance. As students, we arrived at a school made rich by its history as California’s first secondary school, a storied institution whose legends and traditions have become a part of us. Now it’s our turn to give back to the place that helped make us who we are with a gift powerful and enduring enough to shape those who come next.

It’s about our campus.

Lowell High School moved to the Eucalyptus Campus in 1962. The library was dedicated in the same year. Though modifications, like the addition/renovation of the computer lab, have been made periodically, the library has remained fundamentally unchanged for over 50 years while the world has raced ahead.

Now we have a chance to shape the Lowell campus with a landmark gift that will touch students for decades.

It’s about our traditions.

As times change, our traditions change with them, evolving, adapting, growing. In this moment of tremendous technological and social change, we have the opportunity to carry a central tradition of Lowell campus life into the future: the landmark gift of a renovated library.

It’s about us.

Support the Lowell Library Renovation today.

Major donors will be acknowledged by having their name(s) prominently displayed in the renovated library.
There are also a limited number of naming opportunities available.

If you would like to discuss a major gift to the Library Renovation Campaign, please email us and a Development Committee Member will contact you.

Extraordinary experiences make an impression for a lifetime.

Extraordinary gifts make an impression for generations.

Lowell Library. It’s about time.